WPMU – Quality WordPress Themes & WordPress Plugins

WPMU – Quality WordPress Themes & WordPress Plugins

WPMU is a fantastic WordPress focused website with a WordPress blog, WordPress forum, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins. While WPMU offers a lot for WordPress users, we’re gonna focus on their WordPress plugins. WPMU’s WordPress plugins can greatly improve any WordPress website. It doesn’t matter if you want to make minor improvements to your WordPress website or a complete overhaul turning it into a Community blog, Wiki, or online store. In fact, at wpLifeGuard we use several WordPress plugins – WPMU’s plugins give wpLifeGuard its core functionality.

WPMU has 30+ free WordPress plugins and WordPress themes and over 300+ premium WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. Here’s a few of their WordPress plugins.

Floating Social

Floating Social WordPress Plugin
Floating Social WordPress Plugin

Floating Social adds social network icons to the left of your content area. It’ll add Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon.

Post Voting Plugin

Thumbs up and down The Post Voting Plugin allows visitors to give posts a thumbs up or thumbs down – you don’t even have to display the results of the voting. This can provide great insight into what kinds of posts your visitors like.

Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps WordPress Plugin

For websites that have corresponding a brick and mortar location, the Google Maps WordPress plugin is a quick and easy way to ad a map to your website via a widget or button.

Don’t know how to use WordPress Widgets? Check out our video tutorial showing how to use WordPress widgets.

A/B Theme Testing Plugin

A/B Testing is a very helpful process that can help improve your website. The A/B Theme Testing Plugin lets you quickly and easily A/B test content to increase the conversion of your website. It even integrates with Google Analytics!


WordPress eCommerce
MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce Plugin

WPMU’s MarketPress eCommerce WordPress plugin is a great way to start your own online store. With features like a fully functioning Shopping Cart, product categories, popular products, shortcodes, advanced API, and much more. Check out the MarketPress demo to see it in action!


Interested in starting your own Wiki? Look no further, the Wiki WordPress plugin has ya covered. With features like full revision history, public or members only editing, breadcrumbs, notification system, and much more this thing WordPress plugin is all you need.


Q&A WordPress Plugin
The Q&A Forum WordPress plugin

If you’ve ever spent time searching Google for anything code related, then you’ve probably seen Stack Overflow. With the Q&A plugin you can create your own Q&A site – to see it in action, check out the Q&A demo.

Membership and Affiliate

The two core plugins that powers wpLifeGuard is Membership and Affiliates. These two plugins are great for providing an online service to your visitors. They allow visitors to sign up and pay to get certain levels of access to your site and limit content/pages of your site to users with the correct level of access. The affiliate plugin is a great plugin that provides users with an affiliate account, and excellent stats on the clicks and signups they refer.


Monthly: $79.00
Every 3 Months: $159.00 – about $53 a month
Yearly: $419.00 – about $35 a month

Don’t know how to install WordPress plugins? Check out our video tutorial showing how to use WordPress plugins.

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