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At the last count the latest version of WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging tool, had been downloaded 65 million times. That is roughly the population of France. It is quite popular then. WordPress that is, not France; obviously.

A search for ‘Wordpress Themes’ brings up around 112,000,000 hits online. Themes are the driving force of the whole WordPress infrastructure. They set the look, feel and overall style of a blog. But WordPress is now much more than a blog, it is a deep open-source content management system (CMS) used by almost 17 percent of Alexa Internet’s ‘Top One Million websites’ and 22 percent of all new websites.

There is a whole online industry vying for attention in the WordPress Themes sector millions of dollars of revenue a month being earned from themes which designers create and sell. This is all great if you are starting out with a new blog or corporate website online. Or is it? Well the problem is that there is so much choice, fragmented across so many sites, with many themes full of malicious or encrypted code, that it is almost impossible to find what you are really looking for.

How do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Which site can really deliver a shopping cart and fully managed forum without slowing your site down to a crawl?

Enter the Solution

A new site has just launched which claims to break through the clutter and hit you with that dream design in seconds … milli-seconds in fact.

Theme Shaker has been in development for six months. It aims to pull together all of the greatest WordPress Themes on the net and filter them through a lightening quick search facility. Let’s check how it works.

The first thing you will notice is a stylish array of colorful themes on the home page. The initial feel is that the site is comprehensive while not looking cluttered. Robust, but not intimidating.

We could click straight through onto a theme which might fulfill the requirements, or there is simple fast search facilities right the top of the page. But, how can we really dig deep, add our most specific requirements and truly get a search result filtered down to exactly what we need?

Well, this is the cool things about Theme Shaker. The main search facility is hidden away behind the header with a cool tab teasing you in with a hand-written ‘open’ leading the way to the ‘Shake it’ tab. Once opened you really get to the heart of the site.

Click the Business category and before you can even start to read through the rest of the options the main page is working away reducing the themes. Let’s move to the layouts tab next which shows a simple graphical representation of the design you can expect. From one column, left side bar, right side bar, multiple side bars – it is all there. As we click, ‘one column’ the algorithms kick in again and the themes reduce once more.

We add ‘Minimalist’ to our search and we are down to one page. Once ‘Responsive Design’ is included from the features tab we are already down to 9 stylish themes staring back at us. We have been on the site 73 seconds. Impressive.

So, what are the suggested themes actually like? You don’t even need to click on them to find out! Hover the cursor over the theme that catches your eye and up pops a window with a larger picture. The thumbnail turns grey and gives you the headline details.

Click through and the information really comes on strong. A clear image, a detailed description of what to expect if you ran your blog through this selection and a sliding menu at the bottom with similar themes all appear in a clean and simple way.

Theme Shaker is a welcome addition to the 112 million WordPress theme sites. It is the Google for WordPress, smart, intuitive and damn quick. It will certainly help new bloggers to filter through the fog and find something unique and stylish with which to launch their online communication to the world.

But the site will also be a big help to more advanced WordPressers and graphic designers looking for a tool to help them discover new themes for their clients.

There may be 65 million people with WordPress 3.0 downloaded onto their servers, but how many really love the theme that they are currently running? There are also 65 million people in France, and you wouldn’t want all of them cooking you dinner every night! To find a top chef you have to go to a top restaurant – to find a top WordPress site you have to go to Theme Shaker!

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This is a guest post written by Paulius Rasytinis

Former telecom engineer, passionate about technologies, web developing and cooking. Working on small and large scale websites since 2007. I celebrate every new WordPress feature, give warm applause to every theme release. Follow on Twitter

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