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wpLifeGuard is a simple, yet powerful service that we are very excited to finally release. Months in the making, we want to make it easier for clients to learn WordPress. In addition to clients, we’ve also considered those who are new to technology, site admins who want to get the most out of WordPress, experienced WordPress users, WordPress developers who don’t want to teach WordPress, or anyone who uses WordPress for that matter to learn to use WordPress to its fullest extent. We are making this possible by offering free and premium WordPress video tutorials that cover every aspect of the WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Video Tutorials

If you are hesitant to choose WordPress as your content management system, we’re offering many free WordPress video tutorials to give you a better feel about what WordPress can offer. These free WordPress video tutorials also serve as a way to sample and get familiar with how we teach WordPress through our easy to follow video tutorials. Want to make sure our thorough WordPress Video Tutorials are right for you? Try them for free.

For those looking to get into greater depth with WordPress or want access to a lifetime of video updates and new video tutorials, we’re offering premium WordPress video tutorials that cover every aspect of WordPress in great detail, but still broken down into bite sized pieces. Our WordPress video tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about WordPress.

We will be updating our WordPress video tutorials with each version of WordPress and are already in production to add over 100 WordPress video tutorials to wpLifeGuard. We will be covering a great many WordPress topics including, but not limited to: WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, WordPress.com, WordPress Multisite, and much more. Again, all new WordPress video tutorials are completely free with our lifetime subscription and are even accessible on mobile devices.

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Affiliate Program for Developers

If you’re a WordPress developer and already know all of the ins and outs of WordPress, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, we built wpLifeGuard for you. Our WordPress video tutorials mean you will never have to provide WordPress support again.

Simply send your clients your wpLifeGuard affiliate link and earn 30% off of their subscription and get a payout every month, no having to wait for a minimum balance. Our WordPress tutorial videos (and soon to come WordPress support forum) will handle the rest!

Affiliate Program for Theme Developers

Do you develop WordPress themes? We haven’t forgotten about you either. Simply install our wpLifeGuard WordPress Plugin into your theme and you can earn a little extra cash off of your WordPress themes while providing them with access to an invaluable resource of WordPress Video Tutorials.

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Coming Soon on wpLifeGuard

We have many exciting things in the works and cannot wait to release them. wpLifeGuard is in production to add over 100 new WordPress video tutorials and will be releasing them over time as soon as they become available. We also will be offering in depth WordPress tutorials, tips, resources, theme reviews, plugin reviews, and more on our blog.

We will be Releasing New Videos Soon

Including WordPress Setup 101 – How to Install WordPress onto your own Server, Getting Started with WordPress 101 – Why WordPress?, and more. To be notified when we release new videos, Subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or circle us on Google+.

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