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The Admin Bar

In this WordPress video tutorial we examine the Admin Bar and the many time saving techniques it provides, making the time you spend in the WordPress dashboard a much more efficient experience.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video we’re going to talk about the Admin Bar. The Admin Bar is visible from within the dashboard or when you’re viewing your main website while logged in. Unless of course you have the Admin Bar disabled. With it, you can quickly launch yourself into several areas of WordPress without having to go to the Dashboard First.

Clicking on your site name will take you to the Dashboard if you’re on your website. Or, clicking on the site name while you’re in the Dashboard will take you back to your website. While on the main site, you can access your site’s appearance options by hovering over the site title. This provides links to “Themes,” “Widgets,” “Menus,” “Background,” and “Header.” Possibly others depending on what your Appearance settings have and what your theme supports.

The “Comments” link will take you to the comments page where you can moderate comments.

The “Add New” dropdown stays the same while on the dashboard or on the main site. The “Add New” and “Post” links both take you to where you can create a new post. “Media”, “Link”, “Page”, and “User” all take you to their corresponding “Add New” pages.

The search box will search your website. Simply press “Enter” on your keyboard once you’ve entered a search phrase.

The “Howdy, username” in this case “Admin”, on the far right takes you to your profile page. The drop down also contains the “Log Out” link.

On the far left is the WordPress logo. In the drop down, there are several WordPress related internal and external links. “About WordPress” will give you a quick overview of what’s new in your current version of WordPress. The last four links take you to WordPress.org, the official WordPress codex, the official WordPress Forums, and the official WordPress feedback page where you can report bugs or request features.

If you wish to disable the Admin Bar, visit your profile by clicking on the username at the right of the Admin Bar. Then uncheck “Show Admin Bar when viewing site.” Scroll down and click “Update profile”. Now when you’re on your website, you won’t see the admin bar. If you want to view the dashboard without the Admin Bar, simply type “/wp-admin” and press enter.


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