WordPress 103

Getting Around

In this WordPress video tutorial we will go over the basics of how to use your WordPress Dashboard, including some handy tips for navigating the WordPress dashboard quickly like a pro.

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WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video we’ll help you get familiar with navigating around within WordPress. Navigating around WordPress is really easy. Unless you’ve disabled the admin bar, when you visit your website while logged in, you’ll see it across the top of your screen. You can click on your site title to go to the WordPress dashboard. Alternatively you could type in “/wp-admin” after your domain to access the dashboard.

On the left hand side is the primary navigation. The pages you use most can be found here. By hovering over a navigation item, there’s a slide out that will contain additional sub pages like “All Posts” or “Add New.” When you click on any one of the primary navigation items the sub navigation items will be revealed. If you wish for the sidebar to take up less room you can click the “Collapse menu” button to show only the icons. Click the arrow again to reveal the full navigation.

You can quickly access many of most the common actions through the Admin Bar. We’ll cover that in more detail in our next video, The Admin Bar.