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Managing Users

In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll demonstrate how to manage and search WordPres users.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’ll show you how to manage Users. You can access the Users page by clicking ‘Users’ in the sidebar.

Managing users is a simple task and if you’ve seen our videos on ‘The Post’, it should come naturally. Administrators can manage other users on the Users > All Users page. Here you’ll see a list of all users and some info on them: Their gravatar, their username, their name (if they’ve entered it), their email, their role, and how many posts they’ve authored. If your site has a lot of users, you can use the search users dialog in the upper right. You can Bulk Edit users by selecting users and deleting from the drop down menu. You can also change their role using this drop down. This is most useful when you have multiple users selected that you want to perform an action on at once. But you can delete an individual user by hovering over the row and clicking “delete”. If you click “Delete” you will be presented with a window that allows you to either delete all of their posts and links, or keep them by attributing them to a different user upon deletion.

Be sure you want to delete the user and have chosen what you want to do with their posts, because once you click “Confirm Deletion” there is no going back.

If you need to edit a user’s info, click on “Edit”. From here you can edit a wide range of info on that user. As an administrator, when editing a user’s profile, you can edit everything about that user except the username. A user who is not an administrator cannot change their role and an administrator cannot change their own role. You can also get to this page for your personal profile by clicking on the “edit my profile link” under the username drop down on the right hand side of the top admin bar.

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