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Backups and Exporting

In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll show how to backup your valuable WordPress data as well as export it. Both of which are helpful for making sure not to lose everything in case of server failure or data corruption. Backing up WordPress is also an important step in moving a WordPress website.

Backing up WordPress is a very important step in automatically updating WordPress or manually updating WordPress. While data corruption while updating WordPress is not common, backing up WordPress helps keep disastrous data loss.

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WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’re going to go over Updating WordPress: specifically the backing up and exporting part of it.

We’re currently on an old version of WordPress to demonstrate how to update your WordPress verion.

Clicking “Update Now” on the yellow bar at the top of your screen, brings you to the Update page. If you need to update WordPress, regardless of whether you update automatically or manually, always be sure to backup your WordPress first.

To do this, we want to go over to the “Tools” and then “Export”. Click “Download Export File”. This will create an XML file for you to store that you can use to restore your WordPress site’s content should your server crash or you decide to move your site somewhere else. Save this XML file somewhere where you won’t lose it. One tip, is to use dropbox to backup your WordPress exports, that way you have multiple backups on the cloud of your important WordPress files. In case something happens to your server and your computer, you’ll have additional backups. We have a link to Dropbox in the video description


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