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Quick Edits and Bulk Edits

In this WordPress video tutorial we review the powerful and time saving feature – Wordpress’ quick edits and bulk edits. After this WordPress video tutorial you’ll be able to manage and edit WordPress posts and pages quickly like a pro.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. We’re going to look at Quick Edits & Bulk Edits in this video. Click “Posts” in the sidebar of your Dashboard to get an overview of all your posts.

Hovering over a row containing one of your posts gives you a few extra options for that item. Naturally, you can click on the post title to edit, or use this “edit” link, but we want to take a look at the “Quick Edit” feature. This gives us nice way to edit the post details on the fly. The most common attributes of the post are readily accessibly from within the Quick Edit dialog. If we want to adjust the title, or category it’s as simple as making the change and clicking “Update”.

You can also delete the post from here or preview it.

Bulk Edits allow you to perform actions on multiple posts at once. First, check the posts that you want to edit (also note that you can use the upper left checkbox to select all posts), then select the “Bulk Actions” dropdown, “Edit” and “Apply”.

Now when you make a change such as selecting a category, or adding tags, it will be applied to all the posts at once. After we click update, you’ll see the changes we made apply to all the posts we selected.

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