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Using WordPress Revisions

In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll learn how to use WordPress’ life saving revisions and autosave feature — including how to recover autosaves and old drafts as well as how to compare previous versions.

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WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’ll cover how to use WordPress revisions. If you’ve watched the previous videos, you know that WordPress automatically saves a draft of your post every 2 minutes. You can also save one manually by clicking “Save Draft”.

To display a list of saved revisions, go to your Screen Options at the upper right of your screen. Check the “Revisions” box and the module will appear.

This displays a list of the saved revisions that you can revert to.

If we click on a revision, we’re presented with a page that shows its contents. Scroll down to reveal a list of all available revisions. If you already know which one you want to use, simply click “Restore” on that item. In this case, we want to compare our current post with one of the previous revisions. I’ll leave our current one selected and select this previous revision and then click “Compare Revisions”.

You can see that it highlights the old and new changes in red and green. From this version to our current one, I’ve changed the heading to read “Heading 1” instead of “Revision Demo”. And I’ve also changes some of the text in the paragraph. If I decide that I want to revert to this original version, I can scroll down and select restore for that version.