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In this WordPress video tutorial we show how to change default image upload constraints as well as other media settings all from within the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’ll look at Media Settings. You can access this page by clicking “Media” under the “Settings” menu in the sidebar.

Keep in mind that some of the options within Settings are very powerful and could potentially break your website if you adjust them carelessly. Make sure you are careful and know what you’re doing before changing anything.

In Media Settings, one of the things you can control is Image Sizes. You can set the height and width of the thumbnail, medium, and large size images. The crop option essentially tells WordPress to resize the image down until it’s 150 pixels in height, then crop the width to 150 pixels as well. In some cases, you may not want this, because it potentially removes part of the image. With this option unchecked, the image will be sized down until the entire thing can be fit within a 150 pixel square image. This often won’t result in a perfectly square image, but at least you will be able to fit the entire image without it being cropped.

Auto-embeds allow supported links like Youtube to be displayed as an actual video instead of just a link. You can specify the max width and height for auto embeds, or leave the width blank to automatically fit to your theme. Of course, you can uncheck the box to disable auto embeds if you don’t want them.

Uploads can be stored in a specific folder you specify. If left blank, uploads will default to wp-content/uploads. If you have a different path to your files you can enter it in the “Full URL path” box, otherwise leave this blank.

Your uploads folder categorizes all uploads into year, and individual month folders by default. If you wish to disable this feature you can, however note that all existing uploads will remain intact. Only new uploads will reflect this change.

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