Media Library 103


In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll take another look at WordPress’ media library and cover how to manage and edit images, video, and other media all from within the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’ll take a closer look at the Media Library. You can access the Media Library by clicking “Media” in the sidebar menu. The Media Library displays a list of all the files you have uploaded. Let’s examine the information we have at a glance for each item. We have the thumbnail, name, filetype, author, the post it’s attached to, comments, and the date.

When you hover over a row, you get three additional options: edit, delete permanently, and view. Clicking “Edit” presents you with more detailed file information as well as the fields to change the item’s information like title, or file URL. The second option is “Delete Permenantly”. You can delete an item individually this way, or you can select multiple items and use the Bulk Actions drop down to delete them all at once. Lastly, “View” will, of course, give you a preview of the image.

There are a few filtering options available for the Media Library. By default, “All” is selected which displays all uploads regardless of file type. You can select “Images” to display only images and no other files types and you can select “Unattached” to display all the files that are not associated with any post or pages.

The dates dropdown lets you show images from a certain time. Just click the dropdown, select the Month and “Filter”. If you know what you’re looking for already, you can enter a keyword using the Search box.