Media Library 102

Adding Images to a Post or Page

In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll continue to learn how to use the WordPress’ media library and demonstrate how to add images, video, and other media to your WordPress Post or Page to spice up your content.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’ll show you some ways to add images to a post or page. First, click Upload/Insert. Your immediate option is to upload a file from your hard drive. We covered this in our previous video, “Uploading New Media”, but in this video, we want to look at the “From URL”, “Gallery” and “Media Library” tabs.

If you wish to link to a file that is located at another URL, click the “From URL” tab. Enter the image URL here and add a title. You can now insert this image into your post.

The “Gallery” tab shows you all the uploads that are attached to the current post or page. Clicking “Show” for any item displays its details and allows you to insert it into the post or use it as a featured image.

The Media Library is almost identical to the Gallery except that the Media Library shows you all of uploads you have – wheres the Gallery only shows you what has been uploaded for the current post or page you’re on.

We showed you how to set an image as a featured image by clicking Upload/Insert and going to the Gallery tab, but you can also click “Set featured image” from within the Featured module as well.