Media Library 101

Uploading New Media

In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll begin to learn how to use WordPress’ media library including how to upload images, video, and other media to your WordPress website.

WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. We’re going to show you how to upload new media to be used in different areas of WordPress. The most common way to upload media, is from within the post or page. Here we have the familiar editing interface.

To add any type of media, simply click “Upload/Insert” just above the composing box. You can click “Select Files” to browse your computer for a file, or if you have a file browsing window open, you can just drag the file right onto the upload box.

Your image will automatically begin to upload, and once it’s finished, you’ll see a preview along with information about the upload. There are many fields you can customize, but note that the “Title” field is required.

You can add alt text, caption, description and WordPress also provides a direct link if you need it. You can align the image and set the size of the preview. Now to get it in your post, click “Insert into Post”. (alternatively, you could use it as the featured image if you like).

Now your image is inserted into the post. Clicking the image will allow you to align it, or put it in blockquote, bullets, pretty much stylize it in many ways that you would with text. With the image selected, you’ll notice that the “Link” icon is pressed. This means the image is a link. Clicking the link icon lets you adjust the url of the image link. By default it’s set to go to the full size image, but you could change this if you want.

WordPress also gives us some quick edit buttons. The first is “Edit”, the Second is “Delete”. Clicking edit gives you a few additional options. You can preview the image size at different percentages. You can set the alignment, as well as alter the caption and link. The “Advanced Settings” tab at the top gives you even more fine tuning options such as the image size in pixels, border, and spacing.

You don’t have to be writing a new post to upload media. You can also do this through the “Media” link in the sidebar. The Media Library displays all of your uploads. You can upload media from this page by clicking “Add New”.

We’ll cover a few more ways to add media in the next video, “Adding Images to a Post or Page”