Appearance 101

Browsing and Changing Themes

In this WordPress video tutorial we will learn how to use WordPress’ core feature, Themes. This WordPress video tutorial shows how to install, browse, and change WordPress themes.

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WordPress Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to LifeGuard. In this video, we’ll be looking at the Appearance Settings. You can access Appearance in the Sidebar. The first page under Appearance is “Themes”. Themes are one of the best things about WordPress. Changing your site design with just a click is an incredibly powerful feature, and is one of the primary reasons for using a Content Management System. Not having to port over content for every site re-design saves a lot of time, especially for large sites.

Here on the Themes page, you will have a list of themes installed on your site. At the top is the theme that is currently installed. Below this, all of the available themes are displayed. If you have a large number of themes installed, you can search your themes, or you can use the Feature Filter to filter your themes based on their tags. You can check the boxes to display only themes with the selected attributes.

If you want to Install a new theme, click on the “Install Themes” tab at the top. Installing new themes is a cinch, and can be done one of four ways:

The first is searching. This search box and filter below will help you find themes by searching the WordPress Theme Directory. If you already know the theme you want and it’s available on the WordPress Theme Directory, you can search for it using the search box.

You could also browse if you’re not sure exactly which theme you want, but you have a general idea of style. Filtering by tags is one way to do this. Just check any colors you are looking for, columns, width, features, subject, and click Find Themes.

For example. if we want a dark, two-column theme, we simply check the boxes, and click “Find Themes”. We’re then presented with an array of themes that match our search criteria. Once you find one that you like, simply click “Install”. A box will pop up, then click “Install Now”.

There is also a Featured list which shows themes that have been selected by the WordPress team, and Newest list that shows themes that were most recently added to the directory. Recently Updated is a list of existing themes that just received updates.

Another way to install themes is by using “Upload” which allows you to install a theme from your hard drive by choosing a theme file and uploading it.

The final option is FTP. If you are familiar with FTP, you can add theme folders by placing them in the /wp-content/themes directory on your server.