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  • Users 103 — User Roles and Permissions

    In this video we’ll examine User Roles and Permissions, a fantastic and very powerful feature. In particular, it’s great for WordPress websites managed by a large staff as well as WordPress blogs with multiple authors.

    Running Time: 2:09

  • Users 102 — Managing Users

    In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll demonstrate how to manage and search WordPress users.

    Running Time: 2:14

  • Users 101 — Creating New Users

    In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll take a first look at users and how to create them. Users are a great way to make it easier to manage large sites or for large companies to manage sites. WordPress users can do a great many things and can simplify and enhance site management.

    Running Time: 1:20

  • Settings 104 — Discussion

    In this WordPress video tutorial we cover WordPress’ “discussion” settings and demonstrate varios comment moderation techniques as well as spam reduction techniques. Also, these settings allow customization of WordPress’ gravatars.

    Running Time: 3:44

  • Settings 101 — General

    In this WordPress video tutorial we begin to learn how to use WordPress’ settings pages, in this case, WordPress’ “general” features which covers several important global WordPress settings.

    Running Time: 2:23

  • The Post 104 – Publishing Options

    In this WordPress video tutorial we review the various publishing options that are available for WordPress Posts, Pages, and Custom Content Types. We will schedule posts, create password protested posts and pages, private posts and pages, posts and pages that are pending review, and drafts.

    Running Time: 2:09