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  • The Post 105 — Managing Categories and Tags

    In this WordPress Video Tutorial we will examine how to use WordPress’ categories and tags, as well as how categories and tags can improve your WordPress website through boosting accessibility, UI, SEO, and conversion.

    Running Time: 3:18

  • The Post 101 — Creating a New post

    In this WordPress video tutorial we examine how to use WordPress’ “The Post.” The Post is a very commonly used WordPress content type, particularly for websites with a blog. This video teaches the basics of how to create a new post, including using categories, tags, and more.

    Running Time: 2:40

  • The Post 102 — Micro Managing Posts

    In this WordPress video tutorial we go over some of the very useful finer points of how to use WordPress Posts, particularly WordPress Screen Options, excerpts, trackbacks, custom fields, managing comments, the slug, the author, and post revisions.

    Running Time: 5:24