Theme Review: Tweet Archive Theme

Theme Overview

The Tweet Archive Theme by Bold Perspective is a wonderful little theme designed to fill two very specific needs:

1. Provide a browsable and searchable archive of tweets
2. Greatly improve a website’s SEO

If you are like most tweeter, you’ve likely wondered “Did I already tweet this?” or “What was that link again?” While Twitter does have a search function, it is rather limited and most of the time won’t answer either of those questions. This WordPress powered Tweet Archive Theme fixes that. Now you can search all of your past tweets and will never forget what that important link was ever again thanks to the wonders of WordPress.

The other key reason to use this theme is SEO value. Google loves to see websites with a lot of content. While it is difficult to write thousands and thousands of blog posts, it is easy to tweet thousands and thousands of times. This WordPress Theme generates new pages for every one of your tweets, greatly increasing your site’s SEO value.

Theme Features

  1. Browsable tweet archive
  2. Built for Strong Search Engine Optimization
  3. Built in Mobile Layouts
  4. Custom background support to easily change the look and feel of your Twitter Archive
  5. Two widget areas
  6. Theme Options Page
  7. Enable Google Analytics without having to touch any code
  8. Very Lightweight theme

Installation Instructions

Because the Tweet Archive Theme relies on a WordPress Plugin to pull all of the tweets, getting a Twitter Archive running isn’t as simple as installing most WordPress themes. However, simply follow these step by step instructions on how to install the Tweet Archive WordPress Theme.

Theme Screenshots

Twitter Archive Screenshot
Fluid and customizable content area. Simply changing the background image can change the entire feel of the Twitter Archive.

Twitter Archive Options Page
The Options page where you easily enter in all of your info to setup the Twitter Archive.

Theme Examples

Bold Perspective’s Twitter Archive
Brian Purkiss’ Twitter Archive
Seanwes’ Twitter Archive
Jewellspring’s Twitter Archive

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