What is the Best Web Host?

Choosing a web host that is secure, reliable, and fast is a difficult task, especially with so many web hosts to choose from. These web hosts may look great on paper, but is their web hosting performance consistent with their claims? Can they deliver a solid web hosting experience? Can they keep your sensitive information secure? In short, what is the best web host?

There are many factors to consider when determining what is the best web host; all sorts of minute details and obscure considerations come into play. Some may start by looking at the web host's list of features, such as bandwidth, storage, email accounts, etc - but the features aren't the most important components in determining what is the best web host. Due to the competitive nature of the web hosting industry, all of these features are very comparable to each other. What makes the best web host isn't found in the web host's comparison charts.

The best web hosts have consistent uptime, high speeds, and secure servers. While these are the three most important factors in determining what is the best web host, they are also the most difficult to determine. The only way to truly learn about these components of a web host is by using the web host for extended periods of time. Many other factors such as price, web hosting features, email hosting features, FTP accounts, customer support, reputation, years in business, etc still come into play when determining what is the best web host. All things considered, determining what is the best web host is a very time consuming and difficult task.

Thanks to years of extensive experience on the web with many web hosts, we have sorted through the bad web hosts, the good web hosts, the great web hosts, and the best web hosts. Wanting to share our findings on web hosts with the world, we made this list of our recommended web hosts. These are the best web hosts on the web.

These are our Recommended Web Hosts.

HostGator Reliable Web Hosting

We believe HostGator to be the best web host with the greatest value, reliable uptime, fast servers, and stable web hosting.


Page.ly Wordpress Web Hosting

Looking to invest in fast, secure, and scalable Wordpress web hosting? Page.ly is the best WordPress web host.


DreamHost Unlimited Web Hosting

DreamHost offers stable, reliable, and fast web hosting with unlimited web hosting plans that won’t break the bank.


We hope this list of recommended web hosts is of help to you. If you have any questions about web hosts, we would be more than happy to chat with you about them. Feel free to contact us!

For legal purposes we must say that we receive compensation for these recommended web hosts. We assure you that has no bearing on whether we would or wouldn't recommend these web hosts - these recommended web hosts truly are the best web hosts on the web.