Now Users Can Join in on the January 18th Internet Blackout

Now Users Can Join in on the January 18th Internet Blackout user can now join in on the January 18th Internet blacklist in support of SOPA and PROTECT IP

Many websites are joining in on the January 18th Internet Blackout, including, Wikipedia, the I Can Has Cheezburger network, and many more across the web. It used to be only users could participate in the blackout, but now users can too.

How to Blackout Your Site

  1. Go to Settings » Protest SOPA/PIPA in your dashboard.
  2. Select if you want to join the blackout or show a ribbon.
  3. If you choose to join the blackout, you can edit the message that will be shown on your site during the blackout.
  4. Preview what your protest will look like.
  5. Click “Save Changes” button to activate your protest.

The Stop Censorship Ribbon

The Stop Censorship Ribbon will display in the upper corner of your site until the Senate vote on January 24th. You can disable it at any time.

The Blackout

The blackout will be from 8am to 8pm EST – no need to activate it or deactivate it. You can even customize the message that appears on your blackout WordPress site.

What is SOPA and PROTECT IP?

If you haven’t been on the interent in a month, then you likely haven’t heard about these two bills working their way through our legal system – SOPA and PROTECT IP. In short, these two bills would destroy the internet – allowing the government to censor the internet and large corporations to silence the competition. This short video does a great job at explaining how they work.



Thank You WordPress

wpLifeGuard would like to applaud WordPress for it’s dedication to stop SOPA and PROTECT IP. It is a very gutsy move for a very good cause – we thank you for taking a stand.

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