Mobile: The Growing Behemoth that Cannot be Ignored (Part 1 of 2)

Now I know for some of you I will be preaching to the choir. Some of you may agree yet find this interesting. Some of you may be unaware of what I’m about to share. And others may disagree.

Nonetheless, this is a growing component of the web that must be adressed by all responsible web professionals.

More and more people are browsing more and more, often even exclusively, on mobile devices. I know several people that only browse the web on their iPad and iPhone. And they aren’t the only ones. Here’s some stats for you.

  • 31% of American adults use their phones for the majority of their internet access. (source)
  • 42% of UK adults that own a smartphone now say that device is the most important device for accessing the Internet. (source)
  • Worldwide, 25% of mobile web users only use mobile web or very rarely use desktop websites. (source)
  • 102 million people access Facebook solely from mobile in June – a 23% increase over mobile users in March. (source)
  • 70% of Pandora’s traffic came from mobile devices in March 2012. (source)
  • The Weather Channel registered 1.1 billion page views via desktop and 1.3 billion page views via mobile. (source)
  • In February 2012, 46% of adults in America use smartphones. (source) By now likely over half of all Americans use smartphones.
  • More crazy mobile statistics

Soon, Mobile Users will Pass Desktop Users

It is predicted that by early 2014 more people will be using mobile devices than desktop devices. (source)

At the rate that mobile usage is growing, it is irresponsible for web developers and designers to ignore mobile devices. It is our job to provide our clients and customers the best browsing experience possible. How can we call ourselves web designers if we do our clients a disservice by providing them with a non-optimal website? We must rise and live up to our duty! We must rise and stive to be the best we can! We must rise! Men of the West!

Ahem. Sorry. Got a little carried away there.

That all being said, as web professionals, we must consider how our devices look on tablets and smartphones. tl;dr I guess.

The Best Way to Deliver Said Optimal Experience

So here I go… on and on about the importans of delivering an optimal experience for mobile devices. However, I’m not quite ready to give away the punch line yet. Although probably all of you know where I’m going anyways. Even so, I’m going to go into optimal experiences for all devices next week in Part 2: Delivering an Optimal Experience for All Devices. Give us a follow on Twitter or Facebook

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