How to Use WordPress to Show a Post’s Estimated Reading Time

Let’s face it. Most people these days have a short attention span. It’s the internet after all. There are so many different websites and articles out there that we want to look at, we often miss out on great content because it’s too long.

Enter the Post Reading Time WordPress Plguin. This easy to setup plugin allows you to display the estimated reading time for your WordPress posts. This’ll help encourage your readers to actually read your content.

How to Use the Post Reading Time Plugin

Using the Post Reading Time plugin is extremely easy. Simply paste the following code snippet where you want it to output on your theme. A good place to put it would be on your single.php file right before the_content.

<?php post_read_time(); ?>

Don’t want to mess with code? No problem. The Post Reading Time plugin also has widget support so you can quickly and easily drop in the estimated reading time.

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Don’t know how to use WordPress Widgets? Check out our video tutorial showing how to use WordPress widgets.

Configuring Post Reading Time

If you want to mess with the default settings, simply go to Settings > Post Reading Time on your WordPress dashboard. There you’ll be able to adjust the words per minute, prefix, suffix, and output. According to Wikipedia the rate of which the average person reads is around 200 – 400 words per minute.

Post Reading Time

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