How to Lower Your PayPal Merchant Account’s Fees

Most online businesses use PayPal in one way or another. If you use PayPal for your business, then you share everyone’s frustration with PayPal’s Fees. We all understand that PayPal has to make money somehow, but seeing that PayPal Fee taking away money from every one of our business transactions is still depressing.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to lower your PayPal fees or even simply pay a flat fee, which saves money.

How to Lower Your PayPal Merchant Account’s Fees

Lowering your PayPal Fees is extremely simple – if you fall under a few categories then you automatically qualify and all you need to do is apply. So if you have enough volume, are a non-profit, have lots of micorpayments, use PayPal’s credit card reader, or fall under a few other categories, you could lower your PayPal fee by as much as 0.7%. Hey, that 0.7% adds up quickly.

Simply visit PayPal’s Merchant Account Fees page, click on “View all Discounts and Fees” and choose which discount(s) apply to you. PayPal will review your application and lower your fees if you qualify. It’s that easy!

Lower PayPal Merchant Fees

So get going and save money.

How to Pay Only a 50¢ Fee Per Transaction with Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a fantastic online invoicing service. (We highly recommend them) PayPal’s Business Payments allows you to pay only 50¢ per transaction, saving you quite a bit of money.

To do this, simply sign up for a Freshbooks account and follow Freshbook’s Business Payment’s instructions and you’re off! It’s super easy.

Save Money with Freshbooks

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