Google Analytics on iOS

Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t work in browser on iOS. So users need to turn to native iOS apps to check their statistics while out and about. I tried out several iOS apps for Google Analytics, both free and paid, and these two are my favorites.

Analytics Pro

Premium: Analytics Pro

Many of the apps I tried had the same issue – it wasn’t the UI or bugs. These apps simply didn’t show all of the statistics available that Google Analytics provides. Out of all the apps I tried, Analytics Pro was the most full featured. The only thing that seemed missing, was able to compare time periods.

Unfortunately, Analytics Pro costs $6 – one of the pricier Google Analytics apps for iOS.

Fishead Analytics

Free: Fishead Analytics

Fishead Analytics is pretty full featured as well. It contains about the same amount of data that Analytics Pro provides. However, it provides it all in a difficult to digest format. But if you were to get used to it and take a little extra time to sift through the data, it’ll save you a few bucks.

All in all, $6 isn’t that much and I’d recommend Analytics Pro if you want to browse your website’s statistics on the go.

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