Five Excellent WordPress Themes for News and Magazines

The advancement of Internet publishing from its nascent HTML days to web 2.0 has transformed the way news, blogs and host of other information is published and read online. Testimony to the fact of advancing use of web publishing platforms is the growing popularity of WordPress publishing platform used not only for blogs but also newspapers, magazines and other publications. While having a WordPress based blog or website is one thing, it is important to choose the right WordPress Theme to make the content synchronized and presented in a serene and systematic manner which can appeal to the web audience.

Importance of Choosing the Right WordPress Theme: Having good content is one thing but having good content which is presented properly makes a big difference in getting new visitors as well as older visitors to keep coming back. Just as individuals dress and present themselves differently on different occasions, it is important to choose the right theme depending on the content and target audience. Not only does a good theme make a lasting impression, it enhances the power of the content and brings back users repeatedly due to ease and convenience of browsing the website. Having a unique theme also makes the blog or the website stand apart from the crowd and adds to the brand building exercise of the website. There are a number of free as well as paid WordPress themes that can be used according to the respective need of the website. Themes can also be tailor made and customized for a website by various third party programmers, making the website unique in not only content but also in looks and design adding a unique effect to enhance the consumer base of the website.

Five Recommended Themes for News and Magazines: Now that we have discussed the growth of WordPress as a publishing platform and the use of various WordPress themes, let us take a look at five excellent WordPress themes when it comes to publishing news and magazines.

1: Daily Headlines Theme: Daily Headlines WordPress theme is essentially a magazine theme that can be highly customized to suit the requirements of different users according to their needs. Not only is the theme unique and flexible in its basic layout, the cleanly designed theme comes with a fully widgetized homepage with an option of having custom widgets.

2: Telegraph Theme: Inspired from the website design of the popular tabloid, The Daily Telegraph, the Telegraph theme has a serene theme design with modern color combinations and rounded edges making it a perfect theme for newspapers, magazines and other literary publications. The theme has a highly customized homepage along with settings to choose advertising options along with widgets at the header and footer panel making it a complete modern day newspaper theme.

3: WordPress Newspaper Theme: WordPress newspaper theme is one of the most widely used theme used for news publishing. The theme is highly popular as it is based on the old tried and tested elegant and simple design without much clutter adding value as a newspaper theme. The theme has various options to choose the layout formation including two column format and magazine format useful for magazine publication websites. The theme has customized advertising options and also supports embedded video files.

4: Good News Theme: Good news is an advertisement oriented modern magazine designed theme which is getting very popular for youth and lifestyle magazines. One of the best advantages of this theme is the compatibility with various hand held devices. While the theme supports various layout options and unlimited color combinations, the theme has various image sizing and advertising options.

5: Deadline Theme: If your needs include getting a design based on a powerful newspaper format, Deadline theme can offer one stop solution to all the aspects. Deadline theme based on its powerfully customized theme essentials can be made to appear as a content heavy newspaper design or a magazine section depending on individual customization. This WordPress theme can not only embed videos and twitter feeds but also offers contact form including captcha codes to avoid spam.

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