How do I make sure the wpLifeGuard Plugin is tracking my Affiliate Referrals?

The surefire way to verify that your install of the wpLifeGuard Plugin is tracking Affiliate Referrals is to simply test it out.

  1. Install the wpLifeGuard WordPress plugin according to the instructions
  2. Check how many “unique clicks” you have for this month
  3. Log out of your wpLifeGuard account
  4. Click on the affiliate link in the wpLifeGuard WordPress plugin
  5. Log back in to your wpLifeGuard account
  6. Visit the Affiliate Earnings Report page and a new unique click should be logged

If a new unique click is not logged, try again, and wait a minute or two before checking to see if the unique click is logged. If it is still not recording, please contact the wpLifeGuard support team.

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