Day 8: Speed Up your WordPress Site with W3 Total Cache

Speed Up your WordPress Site with W3 Total Cache

Website speed has always been an important component of web design, but with websites getting larger and more complex while people are loading them on their mobile devices using 2G, website speed is quite possibly more important than ever.

This is where a WordPress plugin comes into play. W3 Total Cache for WordPress is a fantastic WordPress plugin ideal at speeding up your WordPress website.

W3 Total Cache for WordPress is extremely easy to use. Simply install the plugin and enable caching! Your WordPress website is now faster!

Don’t know how to install WordPress plugins? Check out our video tutorial showing how to use WordPress plugins.

W3 Total Cache Key Features

  • At least 10x WordPress performance improvement
  • Grade A YSlow and significant Google Page Speed improvement
  • Up to 80% bandwidth savings
  • Easy to configure with helpful tips
  • Compatible with shared web hosting
  • Intense caching and minification
  • Preview mode to test site updates

Full feature list

W3 Total Cache Settings Page
The W3 Total Cache easy to use Settings Page

Why Not a Different Caching Plugin?

Personally, I have tried several caching plugin and find W3 Total Cache to provide the best UI as well as the greatest improvement to a WordPress website’s speed. Furthermore, W3 Total Cache has been voted to be the best WordPress caching plugin. (source)

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