Day 5: Have Scannable Content to Increase Visitors’ Time on Site

Have Scannable Content to Increase Visitors' Time on your WordPress Site

Every website owner wants visitors to spend more time on their site and view more pages. These metrics are measured by the Bounce Rate, Average Pages per Visit, and Average Time on Site. (Be sure to use Google Analytics and the Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin to keep track of these website metrics.) There are many many tactics for accomplishing these goals – arguably the most important tactic for blogs is rather simple: Scannable Content.

What is Scannable Content?

Scannable Content is exactly what it sounds like. Content, usually a blog post, that is easy to quickly scan and get the main points or at the very least pick out the sections relevant to the reader.

How does Scannable Content help?

Obviously, Scannable Content allows readers to quickly get the information need or determine if they’re even interested in what the page has to offer. But Scannable Content is more than just helping visitors – it also benefits website owners as well. When visitors are able to quickly and easily find the content they are interested in, they actually are more likely to stay on the website longer or even visit other pages. This reduces a website’s bounce rate, increases the average pages per visit, as well as average time on site. And to put a cherry on top, using Scannable Content with the proper header tags, blockquotes, strong tags, etc – Google will reward a website with higher rankings in the search engines.

Techniques for producing Scannable Content

Scannable content is extremely easy to implement.

If you spend your time in WordPress’ visual editor, just be sure to use plenty of headers, bold text, blockquotes, and images.

For those who prefer the HTML editor, <h3>s, <h4>s, <h5>s, <strong>, <blockquote>, etc are all your best friend.

For those who are interested in SEO, be sure to put keywords in the headers.

Be sure to check out our WordPress video tutorials covering the Media Library for how to use WordPress to manage images.

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