Day 30: Excellent Places to Get Quality WordPress Themes

Excellent Places to Get Quality WordPress Themes

There are untold thousands of free and premium WordPress themes out there. The easy part is finding WordPress themes, the hard part is finding good WordPress themes that aren’t overpriced or won’t steal your WordPress login info (yes, bad WordPress themes can run hidden malicious code). Thankfully there are many excellent trusted WordPress theme marketplaces out there to choose from.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

At wpLifeGuard, we strongly believe how well designed a website is will make or break a website. While we believe a full on custom design to be the most effective and will provide the greatest chance of success, not everyone can afford to put a few thousand dollars on a website. For those who can’t, a quality WordPress theme is the next best thing. Which is why we strongly recommend paying a few extra bucks for a good WordPress theme. And by a few extra bucks, I mean anywhere from $10 to $200, give or take — while most will be from $35 to $70.

6 Quality WordPress Theme Marketplaces

Theme Forest is probably currently the most popular premium WordPress theme marketplace. Created by the great team over at Envato, they have over 5,000 WordPress themes that cover a wide variety of styles and features. Here you’ll likely spend $35.

Our favorite WordPress theme author, Orman Clark, can be found on Theme Forest. You can find his WordPress themes on Premium Pixels.

wpBundle offers 12 excellent WordPress themes with an incredible attention to detail. All of wpBundle’s WordPress themes come with free updates and support – a pretty good deal. Here you’ll spend $50 for one, or $200 for all 12.

Mojo Themes puts a little more emphasis on quality than Theme Forest – the average theme at Mojo Themes tends to be better than the average theme at Theme Forest. While Mojo Themes only has about 500 marketplace items, you’d be hard pressed to find something that wouldn’t fit your needs. Here you’ll likely spend $35.

Woo Themes is even more exclusive than Mojo Themes. With a little over a hundred themes on the marketplace, they have a huge emphasis on quality. But with nearly 140,000 users, it’s obvious they should not be overlooked for having less themes than their competitors. Woo Themes WordPress themes are high quality and often include advanced functionality, like Woo Commerce. Here you’ll likely spend $70 or a monthly subscription.

Obox Themes offers many excellent WordPress themes and even a few WordPress plugins.

wpZoom offers a nicely priced club membership as well as individual pricing for their 57 WordPress themes. They even offer thorough documentation and support for all of their themes.

Don’t know how to install WordPress themes? Check out our WordPress video tutorial showing how to use WordPress themes


Having a good looking, easy to use, high converting website relies on the design. For website owners on a budget, premium WordPress themes is a great way to accomplish this. Not drinking 7 Starbucks drinks is well worth it to improve the success of your WordPress website.

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