Day 25: How to Use WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts are a very under appreciated feature of WordPress. Keyboard shortcuts are wonderful for anyone who wishes to accomplish tasks on the computer faster and more efficiently on the computer, or WordPress in this case. WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts will allow you to use the visual editor and moderate comments much faster and with greater ease.

Here is how to use WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for the Visual Editor

PC Shortcuts // Mac Shortcuts

Bold: Ctrl + b // Cmd + b
Italics: Ctrl + i // Cmd + i
Link: Alt + Shift + a // Option + Shift + a
Blockquote: Alt + Shift + q // Option + Shift + a
Read More: Alt + Shift + t // Option + Shift + a
Unordered List (ul): Alt + Shift + u // Option + Shift + u
Ordered List (ol): Alt + Shift + o // Option + Shift + o
List Item (li): Alt + Shift + l // Option + Shift + l
Advanced Editor: Alt + Shift + v // Option + Shift + v
Publish the Post: Alt + Shift + p // Option + Shift + v
Strikethrough: Alt + Shift + d // Option + Shift + d
Unquote/Outdent: Alt + Shift + w // Option + Shift + w
Undo: Alt + Shift + u // Option + Shift + u
Redo: Alt + Shift + y // Option + Shift + y
Edit HTML: Alt + Shift + e // Option + Shift + e
Align Left: Alt + Shift + f // Option + Shift + e
Align Center: Alt + Shift + c // Option + Shift + c
Align Right: Alt + Shift + r // Option + Shift + c
Various header sizes: Ctrl + [number] // Cmd + [number]

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WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Comment Moderation

Enable WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts
Enable WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation

In order to use WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation, this must be enabled on a per user basis. To enable WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation, go to your WordPress profile and check the box titled “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” and save.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for navigating comment moderation

k – move the selection (light blue background) up
j – move the selection (light blue background) up
a – approves the currently selected comment
s – marks the current comment as spam
d – deletes the current comment
u – unapproves the currently selected comment
r – initiates an in-line reply to the currently selected comment
Esc – cancel the current reply
q – edit the currently selected comment
x – selects the current comment, used with bulk moderation
Shift + x – reverses the selection

WordPRess Keyboard Shortcuts for Moderation
WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation in action

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for moderating comments

Shift + a – approves the checked comments
Shift + s – marks the checked comments as spam
Shift + d – deletes the checked comments
Shift + u – unapproves the checked comments
Shift + t – moves the checked comments to the Trash
Shift + z – restores the checked comments from the Trash

For more information about comments and comment moderation in WordPress, check out our free WordPress video tutorial about moderating comments.


Keyboard shortcuts are a very handy tool for anyone who uses a program for an extended period of time. In this case, WordPress’ keyboard shortcuts can save any WordPress user a lot of time.

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