Day 16: The Grandmaster WordPress SEO Plugin

The Grandmaster WordPress SEO Plugin

All in One SEO Pack

While Search Engine Optimization at its core is rather simple, the many fine nuances and highly competitive nature of the industry makes SEO a complex and difficult component of any website. Even though WordPress is already a SEO powerhouse, managing your website’s search engine rankings can be difficult, especially for the casual web user. That is where the All in One SEO Pack comes into play. The All in One SEO Pack is the grandmaster of all SEO plugins, making any webmaster’s job much easier.

Key Features

  • Everything can be customized and fine tuned
  • Advanced canonical URLs
  • Fine tune page navigation links
  • Automatic Title tag optimization (or use our SEO friendly title tag)
  • Manually set title tags and meta tags for any and every page
  • Fixes duplicate titles and content
  • META tag generation
  • WordPress CMS style site support
  • WordPress eCommerce support
  • Google Analytics support (though the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin is better)
  • Custom Post Types support

Don’t know how to install WordPress plugins? Check out our video tutorial showing how to use WordPress plugins.


Despite the power of this WordPress plugin, it is possible to build a WordPress site well enough that it isn’t necessary to use this WordPress plugin to manage your website’s SEO. But for those who don’t build WordPress websites from scratch or don’t know a lot about SEO this WordPress plugin is the way to go.

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