Day 15: Automatically Generate XML Sitemaps to Boost Search Engine Rankings

Automatically Generate XML Sitemaps to Boost Search Engine Rankings

The Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin is a must for any WordPress website with more than one page.

What is an XML Sitemap? How does it help?

Example XML Sitemap

To put it simply, an XML Sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. Google and other search engines use XML Sitemaps to make sure they have found and indexed all of the pages on your website. This helps your site in a rather obvious way – the more pages search engines have indexed, the better you’ll do in the search engine rankings.

How do I make an XML Sitemap?

Thanks to Google XML Sitemaps, creating an XML sitemap is extremely easy to do. Simply install the WordPress plugin and you never have to worry about keeping your XML Sitemap updated again. This plugin generates the XML Sitemap for you upon installation and will automatically update the sitemap when new pages are published. Google XML Sitemaps will even ping the search engines notifying them of the new page.. Like to do things yourself? No problem, you can configure a great number of settings and manually generate the sitemap

XML Sitemap Generator Settings
The report generated by the XML Sitemap Generator WordPress Plugin

Don’t know how to install WordPress plugins? Check out our video tutorial showing how to use WordPress plugins.


Any website that has more than one page needs an XML Sitemap. This WordPress plugin automatically generates XML Sitemaps for you ensuring that you never need to worry about making sure Google indexes your newest page.

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