Day 12: Get Active in the Community

Get Active in the Community

Communities are a wonderful thing – everyone helping each other out, providing feedback, constructive discussion, and exposure to new things. A community can easily make a website great. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Dribbble.

Benefits of a community

The benefits of a good community are way too numerous to count. The core component of a strong and helpful community is rather simple though – everyone helps out everyone. This type of comradery creates a mutually beneficial network of people pushing each other to greatness.

The necessary component of a healthy community must be helping others though. Communities of people trying to boost themselves through self promotion is an unhealthy network of no-one going nowhere. While it is contrary to the selfish human nature, helping others in a community is the best way to help one’s self.

Tips for getting active

Find like minded others and engage with them. Common (and rather obvious) areas to find a community are on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Tumblr. Just use the in-network search to find like minded individuals. Follow them, engage in discussion, pay attention to who they talk to.

Despite what the supposed “social media experts” tell you, there are no super secrets to social media. Simply engage in constructive discussion, help each others out, and be social. The only difference between a dinner party and social media is a dinner party is around the table and social media is all around the world connected by the internet.

Social SEO

Having a strong presence in the social media world is slowly having more and more of an influence on Search Engine Optimization. This has become glaringly apparent with Google’s Social Search launch. Having shares and followers gets you more than direct traffic, it also will gain you search engine rankings.


Being active in a community is an extremely rewarding experience and has the capabilities of making a website great. The key is to not be selfish and focus entirely on self promotion. Engage with the community and help others out.

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