Best in WordPress for November 2012

General WordPress

Your WordPress Disaster Recovery Plan – What to do if the worst should happen and you lose your website.

Web Design

10 useful typography tips to improve your website readability – A website’s readability is an often overlooked, yet extremely important, consideration for your website. Here’s some quick and easy ways to improve your website’s readability.

WordPress Themes

Theme Shaker

Theme Shaker – quickly and easily find WordPress themes across all theme marketplaces

Guide To WordPress Coding Standards – Work with WordPress? Here’s some excellent guidelines to improve the quality of your WordPress themes – make them easier to code, maintain, and collaborate on.

WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Branding by WPMU

Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin – Ultimate Branding allows you to easily white-label the entire WordPress admin area, from the admin bar, to the dashboard and a whole lot more besides.

WordPress Plugin Development Strategies – Looking to get into WordPress plugin development?

From the Archives

3 Ways to Let Visitors Submit Guest Posts

3 Ways to Let Visitors Submit Guest Posts – Want to get increased visitor participation? Here’s some quick ways to allow visitors to easily submit guest posts.

Mobile: The Growing Behemoth that Cannot be Ignored (Part 1 of 2) – Nonetheless, mobile is a growing component of the web that must be adressed by all responsible web professionals.

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