31 Days to a Better WordPress Blog

31 Days to a Better WordPress Blog

Inspired by ProBlogger’s similar series, this post series is intended to help website owners improve their WordPress site, particularly WordPress powered blogs.

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Part 1: Content

Day 1: Get on a Regular Posting Schedule
Day 2: Run a Poll on Your Blog
Day 3: Offer a Giveaway
Day 4: Offer Downloads
Day 5: Have Scannable Content to Increase Visitors’ Time on Site

Part 2: Browsable Blog

Day 6: Keep Visitors from Leaving with WordPress Popular Posts
Day 7: Keeping Visitors from Leaving with WordPress’ Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Day 8: Speed Up your WordPress Site with W3 Total Cache

Part 3: Getting Involvement

Day 9: WordPress Contact Forms
Day 10: 3 Ways to Let Visitors Submit Guest Posts
Day 11: Get More Newsletter Signups
Day 12: Get Active in the Community
Day 18: Adding Google Authorship to WordPress Posts

Part 4: SEO

Day 13: Boost Rankings with a Tasteful Tag Cloud
Day 14: Use WordPress to Find and Fix Broken Links
Day 15: Automatically Generate XML Sitemaps to Boost Search Engine Rankings
Day 16: The Grandmaster WordPress SEO Plugin
Day 17: The Canonical Tag Explained and How WordPress Handles It
Day 18: Adding Google Authorship to WordPress Posts

Part 5: Security

Day 19: Update to Increase WordPress Security
Day 20: 3 Excellent WordPress Security Plugins
Day 21: Techniques to Backup WordPress to Protect from Data Loss
Day 22: 7 Code Snippets to Improve WordPress Security

Part 6: Other

Day 23: Figure Out Which WordPress Plugins are Slowing Down Your Site
Day 24: Check Your Theme for All the Latest WordPress Standards and Practices
Day 25: WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts
Day 26: Fighting WordPress Comment Spam
Day 27: Clean Up and Optimize your WordPress mySQL Database
Day 28: Use Jetpack to Boost Your WordPress site to the Next Level
Day 29: Add Google Fonts to your WordPress Website
Day 30: Excellent Places to Get Quality WordPress Themes

WordPress Video Tutorials

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